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VIP moving


VIP Moving is a unique service saving the client from all the typical troubles associated with moving. Leave everything in our hands and make moving your belongings to a new location a stress-free event.

Self-help moving has been out for a long time.

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Many of our customers understand that this process doesn’t really offer any savings, because they get indebted to their friends and family while running run the risk of damage to their property and health. Consider this: If you buy a property for EUR 150,000 and you pay only EUR 500 for moving, is it worth risking your health and property over some money?

We’ll discuss your moving plan on the spot, or we’d be glad to host you for a visit to our office. We can help you with preparing for the big move, highlight the most important details, and prepare a plan and budget. We keep you in the loop throughout the entire process while discreetly and professionally packing your household into the highest-quality packaging materials – with an emphasis on caring for your sensitive personal items and electronics. We transfer your belongings with our own fleet of trucks to your new premises, unload your stuff, and then unpack and remove the packing materials. If necessary, we can even provide temporary storage for your items in our warehouse, or dispose of any unnecessary items in a landfill.

VIP Moving includes a maximum degree of confidentiality. If necessary, we are ready to sign a nondisclosure agreement for your project.

Services at the Loading Site

– Dodanie baliaceho materiálu, demontáž, balenie…
– Delivery of packaging material, dismantling, packaging…
– After the inevitable dismantling and packing process, we load the items to be moved onto a truck, or in the case of international moving, into shipping containers. This is followed by transport – by road, rail, air, inland waterway, or maritime transport options
– We place a special emphasis on precious items such as paintings, sculptures, jewellery, electronics, and other valuables. If necessary, we can ensure the total protection of the transport by working with a security service

Services at the Destination Site

– We unload the items onto the new premises at the destination site, unpack them, and assemble and place them according to the customer’s request. We clean up the premises and take care of the removal and proper disposal of all packaging materials
– We provide services for the purchase of furnishings according to your shopping list, their delivery to the destination site, and their subsequent assembly and placing based on your requirements (e.g. from Ikea)
– In the case of international moving, we will take care of all customs procedures

The VIP Moving service is insured against damages up to EUR 800,000. In the case of higher demands, we can provide supplementary insurance up to the desired value. We strive to completely eliminate any damage to your goods of course, but in the case of damages, we commit to arranging all the necessary details for settling claims and damages at our expense.