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Related services

Cleaning services, interior decoration or possibly preparation of premises before passing it to the new owner

To provide our clients with complete removal services, we have expanded the offer of our services. It includes cleaning services (house cleaning and cleaning of flats, office rooms, storage rooms, industrial warehouse cleaning), interior decoration (painting, wall smoothing, wallpapering) or preparation of premises before moving in or passing it to the new owner. Try our quality and reliability!

Production of professional wooden cases

To transport goods for long distances it is necessary to use high quality wrapping to assure heightened protection against any damage, or devaluation of the goods. Besides usual packaging materials we offer the production of special wooden cases for covering.

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High quality wooden cases are necessary for moving technical equipment, works of art or different fragile and easily-broken items. We also provide the fumigation – gasification of cases and goods. By penetration of gas through the material or its environment, this method supports high safety of transported goods, as it kills all warm-blooded animals, as well as all insects and harmful mites in all stages of their development. As an example, it is used to transport the antiques.

Assembling and disassembling

Our removal services include professional assembling and disassembling of furniture, archive shelves systems, dismantling and installing computer equipment done by our professional team of technicians.

Work at heights

Due to the needs of our clients, we offer the service of work in heights, if a common procedure is technically impossible. Work in heights is carried out with climbing equipment or with a fork lift. We also offer painting and wall-coating, cleaning of windows and glass surfaces, installation or dismantling of billboards in heights.

Industrial removals service

We also offer removal services of industrial premises. It involves moving of various heavy mashines (lathes, presses, industrial laundries) or complete removals of production halls.

Anchoring of safes

High quality safes for companies, warehouses or households can weigh several hundreds of kilograms, therefore the right anchoring of safes is not so easy to do. We offer you a professional team that anchors safes to walls or floors to ensure real security of the safes.

Papers shredding

Based on our long-term experience, we know that office removals are often connected with the necessity of disposal of various papers, secret documents or archived materials. We provide our clients paper shredding of documents with sensitive information and we also guarantee full confidentiality when dealing with them. In accordance with the international norm DNI 32757-1, there are 6 security levels of paper shedding, depending on the size of paper particles created by the destruction.