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Essential needs when moving any material include ensuring the material and its protection against any possible damage or deterioration during transport and handling.

Our company pays utmost attention to packaging and safety of all your items to be moved. We will wrap all your items in suitable packing material and unwrap them safely after unloading.

By doing this, we protect your personal belongings, clothes, furniture, electronic goods, computers, various measuring devices and heavy items.

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Our packaging system eliminates chaos or loss of any item. All items to be moved are carefully labelled by members of our stuff, arranged in logical order and put in boxes of various sizes, plastic transport boxes and bags. All fragile items are wrapped individually and carefully and thus protected from damage.

Basic packaging services are included in the complete set of moving services. Extra-packaging service is charged by 15% premium of standard price for a defined unit of removal (a work place, a room, a heavy load)

In case you need only packaging service, the price will be calculated as follows: 8 € per single employee for an hour plus material costs.