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Household removals


How does it work?


After contacting us, a member of our stuff will visit you to find out about your proposed date, duration and method of moving. We will take your extra requests into account. Later we will suggest the best moving arrangements and time schedule, an appropriate vehicle, cost of the service and the method of payment.

Should we decide, it is not necessary to visit you prior to moving works, you can place an order for moving services over the phone, fax or send us the completed order form you can find on our website.

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Members of our staff will come to the place of work at the agreed time. If necessary, they will dismantle your furniture, wrap every piece carefully and put it into the removal vehicle. After transporting it to new premises, they will arrange your furniture according to your instructions and wishes, unwrap everything and place it where you wish. After the completion of the moving, our assistant will ask you to check all items moved.