Household pricelist

Moving of 1-room flat, flatlet – under 15m3 50,00 €
Moving of a single room with average furnishings (2 – and more-room flat – max. 9m3 / 1 room 48,00 € (per room)
Surcharge per each floor, when no lift used

» charged, if no lift available
» not charged if there is a freight lift available or if no stair or other barrier is present

6,50 €
Surcharge per each floor, when lift available and used

» despite availability of passenger lift, we expect some items will need to be moved over the stairs

3,00 €
Minimum rate for 1 worker 45,00 €
Packaging work at an hourly rate – 1 worker/hour 12,00 €
Assembly/disassembly work at an hourly rate (according to difficulty) – 1 worker/hour 12,00 €
assembly/disassembly work professional at an hourly rate – 1 worker/hour 17,00 €
Transport costs out of Bratislava and Košice – 1 worker/hour

» we count for moving within Slovakia

» we do not charge for the driver

5,50 €


All above listed prices are without VAT.

» During the weekends and holidays we count 25% additional charge
» In case it is possible to use the freight elevator, we do not charge for having to use the staircase.
» Standard bathroom and kitchen equipment (washing machine, fridge, dishwasher etc.) will be moved with no extra charge. Some special cases (moving through the window and/or balcony) are assessed and handled individually, with the site always inspected by our specialist prior to moving. Standard furnishings do not include heavy items weighing over 60 kg (heavy solid wardrobes, safes, pianos etc..). For details on moving heavy items please see Moving of Heavy Items.
» When disposing of waste to landfill or recycling yard we charge € 39.80 without VAT / 1t, the amount does not include shipping and handling.