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Companies removals


How does it work?


Number of large and small companies, government institutions and organizations use our services mainly due to our flexibility, reasonable price, helpfulness and of course reliability and high expertise. Thanks to a solid foundation, quality personnel, technical capabilities and years of experience, we can provide a truly professional service. We are a driving force for improving the level of services in the field of removal services in Slovakia.

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After contacting you by telephone, you will be visited by a member of our staff, who will arrange the most suitable date of moving, discuss all the details related to the removal and propose arrangements for moving, price calculation and method of payment. He will also discuss and arrange your possible participation, should you decide to assist in the removal of your corporate office.

Should we decide, it is not necessary to visit you prior to moving works, you can place an order for moving services over the phone, fax or send us the completed order form you can find on our website.

In case you are too busy to spend your time arranging furniture at your new premises, we will gladly do it based on your complete instructions. Members of our staff will come to the place of work at the agreed time. If necessary, they will dismantle your furniture, wrap every piece carefully and put it into the removal vehicle. After transporting it to new premises, they will arrange your furniture according to your instructions and wishes. After the completion of the moving, our assistant will ask you to check all items moved.

Tips, hints, guides – how to handle office removal.

Removal of an office is a complex matter as it concerns multitude of employees and rooms (such as offices, conference rooms, receptions, entrance halls, etc.). Therefore, such removals need to be planned in advance. We offer advice and timetables to help you remove your company comfortably and “stress-free”.

4 months before removal

  • Pick the exact moving date
  • Terminate the old lease agreement
  • Inform your employees about moving (e-mail)
  • Inform your business partners and customers about moving and change in contact details (address, phone, fax, …)
  • Inform all the authorities about address change (tax office, social and health insurance company, commercial insurance companies, …)
  • Report an address change to the Companies Register
  • Request new entry in the phone book or Yellow Pages
  • Reach out for moving company, let them prepare you a price quote
  • Reach out for companies (painter, electrician, …) to repair old and prepare new premises
  • Reach out for cleaning services to prepare old and new premises
  • Reach out for a professional service to build computer network and connect phone lines in new premise
  • Arrange the date with energy suppliers to document final state of energy bill
  • Make a moving plan
  • Have printed new corporate letterhead, instruct employees from which date it will be operational
  • Furniture organization: What will moved and what will be obtained new
  • Sort out unnecessary office furniture and old things and make an appointment in urban waste facility

1 month before removal

  • Draw layout plan of new facility premise, consider previous arrangement and employees suggestions
  • Assure whether the chosen moving company professional staff will accomplish disassembly, as well as assembly of furniture
  • Also make sure that the moving company will provide packing material and boxes. If not, take care of the packing material from another company
  • Determine whether the moving company has authorization to access street in the pedestrian zone if necessary. If not, equip with municipality office permit
  • Make inventory of all moved items
  • Determine a precise removal timetable (when and in what order will rooms be moved)
  • Measure width and height of doors, number of stairs, load capacity and internal dimensions of the lift
  • Shred old documents (pay attention to the legal archiving). Moving can be a good opportunity for transition to electronic archiving.
  • Change the mailing address to get daily and the specialized press

2 weeks before removal

  • Get written confirmation about removal date from all companies that will participate
  • Agree with former landlord on final energy bill
  • Arrange agrement about removal date, old premise handover and handover protocol
  • Obtain cover for expensive or sensitive floor
  • Organize the return of all employees keys
  • Label all moved furniture and boxes (choose labeling pattern)

1 week before removal

  • Check conditions of new premises with lessor
  • Check and document state of each electric clock and water meter
  • Inform old and new neighbors about moving date

1 day before removal

  • bring all the important documents concerning moving to new premises

The day of removal

  • Check the condition of the stairs on the old and new address for any damages that might occur
  • Check the old premises (for lost items, documents, flowers,…)
  • Let clean the old premises
  • Hand over old premises to lessor, together with the delivery protocol
  • Take care of functional lighting for new premises
  • Tip helping staff

After removal

  • Clean up new premises
  • Change contact address on your website
  • Collect all bills and invoices related to removals (for accountants)
  • Proper cleaning of electrical equipment
  • Report any damage incurred during removal
  • Organize a housewarming in new premise ?